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Quarta-feira, Novembro 30, 2022
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Managers use pulse surveys to conduct regular temperature checks on the organization, but this doesn’t mean they can only focus on short term objectives with employees. Managers can also use employee engagement software to define long term goals with employees and track employee progress toward those goals. HR professionals and managers often use this feature to help employees with professional development.

Example: In 15Five, managers can fill out quarterly performance reports to help employees reach their long term goals. Team leaders or department heads can also set team-wide and department-wide goals to keep everyone on the same page and to increase transparency within the company.

Reports and dashboards

While employees won’t usually have access to them, most employee engagement systems let managers and HR staff analyze company wide trends through reports and dashboards. Managers can use this feature to view employee engagement rates, pulse survey completion rates, engagement rates by department, and even employee net promoter scores (eNPS) in some cases.


Many employee engagement platforms include automatic notifications after users reach a goal. Users of gamification software understand the value of such instant feedback. Instant gratification via feedback reinforces positive behavior, making employees more likely to improve over time as they use the employee engagement system. Some systems also use notifications to remind people to complete pulse surveys and to notify them when they’re recognized by co-workers.


Though not a feature of the software itself, most employee engagement platforms now offer mobile applications. After downloading the mobile app, employees can complete pulse surveys on the go, a particularly attractive option for companies that manage large numbers of remote employees or employees who travel often.

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